Tuesday, May 5, 2009

PICTURES for misssapporo HAUL

click on the title to watch the haul on youtube =P

****price are marked without shipping, direct link for each item (click on name of item)****
****sizes are also not provided, click on link to find out =)****
items MIGHT be or MIGHT NOT be sold out (because some only have 1 quality left and she might have restock her products, if I marked sold out, it might not be, so just check out her shop! =)

cloth polka dot bows: 9pcs for $3

white pearl string: sold out =(
pink pearl string: 200cm long for $2.50
acrylic pink stone chain: sold out =(

big flowers: 4pcs for $3.95

small flowers with leaves: 16pcs for $4.30
(sold out)

white hemispheres: 100pcs for $4.50

pink hemispheres: 100pcs for $4.50 (sold out)

small plastic polka dot bows: 6pcs for $3.50

poodle set: 13 pcs B-grade cabochons
(sold out)
link lead to other sale/group items

chocolate bars: 8pcs for $4.20 (sold out, but link will lead to more other sweets)

small bows: 12 pcs - $4

small pink plastic flowers: 4pcs for $3.80 (sold out - link lead to HOT PINK)

set: $5.30
(sold out: link leads to other "group"/sets)

flower hearts: 6pcs for $4.20

flat flowers: 6pcs for $4

small hemispheres: 200pcs for $3
(dark/hot pink)
(ivory white)

very tiny white bows: 100pcs for $3

small plastic flower: 12pcs for $4.20

big "clay"? rose: 6pcs for $2 (sold out)

Hime Inspired Nail Tutorial

Himegyaru Inspired Nails
Want to learn how to make this? just click on the title to learn!
The link leads to a youtube video.